Dal cd The Last Days of Inhumanity (Ars Publica, 2006), la traccia omonima.


Musica: F. Della Monica – testo: M. Palladini   (ascolta il file mp3)




The last days of inhumanity


The last days of inhumanity

I wanted to spend in the no care home,

solitary sanatorium or ghostly academy,

but it’s all booked. Like Estragon,

then I’ll spend the time of sand

easing away the skysails toward the apathetical seas,

removing myself from the empty centre,

and greeting the chaosmic Avatàr.

Between its breath and my nothing

it falls down the stone shadow. Be quiet and still.

Yes, setting ourselves against the pigs:

as many persons, actually very few,

on the wrong side, persisting

in the italincorrect demon

or in the refuse thinking.

Anachronistical always anagogical

the rendezvous, anyway, is only put off,

cauterized the little soul, neutralized Christmas

we’ll drink a sangría with true backtaste

of metaphysical change over the coals.

You and me, remember,

after thousand and one nights

the next year just in Baghdad.



*  Written in January 1991, at the beginning of the Gulf War. 



                                                                Marco Palladini


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